"A Positive Note"



“I find myself wanting to write more about swimming like a fish and blow- ing bubbles than I do about politics or romance, as I once did,” says songwriter/ performer Bergin O’Malley ’95.

Becoming a mother shifted her pri- orities and the way she wanted to live and work, so she started Sing and Play Together, a program of interactive mu- sic shows for children, in Stonington, Connecticut, where she lives.

Graduating from Columbia with a de- gree in international relations, O’Malley worked on reproductive health issues at George Soros’s Open Society Institute, ran field programs for Democratic can- didates like Senator Hillary Clinton, and ran a campaign to promote social enter- prise for the Cabinet Office in London. Then she got pregnant. 

‘Stonington’ celebrates living in seaside town"



Stonington — Thanks to Bergin O'Malley, the town has it own song.

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter who has spent summers in the borough since she was a child and now lives here full time with her husband and two children, has recorded a three-song CD that features the regular and children's version of the song as well as "Sounds of the Sea," another tune she wrote about the town several years ago.

The Stonington song — called "Stonington" — features references to places locals know well such as borough restaurants, the Town Dock, Tom's News, Sandy Point and the James Merrill house. She calls it a celebration of living in Stonington.