I started this album in London in 2007 with the song "Home" when I was feeling homesick for NYC, but realized that my new love had taken me somewhere new, and our 'home" would now be wherever we were. I finished the album in Stonington, CT seven years later with "The Men Will Talk to Me," a song about the importance of collecting stories to pass on, in this case ones of the Irish Civil war that my grandfather, Ernie O'Malley, collected. 


I recorded the tracks on Blink on a beautiful Grand Steinway at Connecticut College. I was fortunate to work with Andrew Oedel, who made it a fun process.   Each track was done in one full take and I recorded both the piano and voice at the same time to give it an intimate sound so that it feels like we are hanging out and I'm playing just for you.  I have always loved harmony, so you'll even hear two Bergins on a lot of the tracks. 


Finding the right look for the album artwork was tricky, but once I landed in Block Island last summer, I felt so inspired by my surroundings that I knew that was the look I wanted, so I started snapping pictures. Block Island feels like Maine and Stonington, where I wrote all but one of the tracks, so it felt right.  Like the cover shot, this album deals with some messy subjects but is done, hopefully, in an inspiring way so that you feel the beauty along with the mess.


love & song, 

Bergin xo


Songs on the album:


  1. Blink

  2. Dishes

  3. Lou Reed

  4. Remember me

  5. I don’t want to break your heart

  6. Mm good

  7. In a moment

  8. Who knew

  9. My home

  10. The men will talk to me

  11. Stonington

  12. The one for me

  13. Will you be there?

  14. I’ve got a heart