Stonington-based singer-songwriter, Bergin writes about the human condition with candor and compassion, and digs deep into the subjects that showcase our humanity--our vulnerability, our relationships, our joys, our loves and our losses.  Her effortless and unique piano style showcase her rich, textured voice, and she draws you in with her catchy tunes and relatable lyric. 

The combination of her smokey, honey voice, poignant observations, unyielding spark and hooks that make you want to sing along and tap your toes draw you in an make you an instant fan.


A songwriter since the age of nine, Bergin explains "music has always been who I am. I didn’t choose to be a songwriter, it has just always been what I do.

Some people are born to run, paint, or solve

math puzzles, but I was born to write music.  

It is how I experience and process life and I feel lucky

to have this gift and to keep working at my craft." 


Love and song, 










"a wonderfully engaging writer and performer! "

Dar Williams

Singer-songwriter, author

" Bergin O'Malley brings passion, playful melodies, depth, insight and humor to every single song she writes. Her work is universal at the same time as being personal; it's quirky and also relatable. As a bonus, she has the kind of powerful and richly textured voice you could listen to all day! I'm a fan! 

Catie Curtis

Singer songwriter

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