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Bergin O’Malley writes with candor and compassion about our vulnerabilities, joys, loves and losses. Her effortless piano style is the perfect backdrop to showcase her rich, textured voice, as she draws you in with her alluring melodies and soulful lyrics. 

A songwriter and photographer since a young age, Bergin aims to connect with others by capturing authentic moments in both mediums. She has released two solo studio albums–Blink and Somebody– as well as two children’s albums with her singing partner, Melissa Haith, as part of the singing duo Bergin & Melissa.  

Bergin has lived in NYC, Oaxaca, Berkeley, Brussels and London, but since 2012 her year-round home has been Stonington, CT. There, she enjoys early morning walks, taking pictures, beach outings with her sons, and continuing to evolve as a human and an artist.

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Catie Curtis

Singer Songwriter

" Bergin O'Malley brings passion, playful melodies, depth, insight and humor to every single song she writes. Her work is universal at the same time as being personal; it's quirky and also relatable. As a bonus, she has the kind of powerful and richly textured voice you could listen to all day! I'm a fan! 

Dar Williams

Singer songwriter, author

" Bergin is a wonderfully engaging writer and performer!"

Review of Blink album 

Amazon review

I LOVE this album. I bought myself a copy of Blink after enjoying Bergin O'Malley's earlier albums and then immediately bought three more as gifts. Such an incredible singer-songwriter. The whole album shows real insight into the human condition, covering not just falling in love, but falling out of it, making a marriage work, watching life speed up, having children and so much more. The title song alone really sums up life as a mother in your thirties - remembering the relaxed joy of your 20s and amazed at how quickly things can change. This is really clever, grown up music that is also lilting and melodic and gorgeous to listen to.

Review of Children's music

Amazon reviewer

A much needed, real, all-ages album. I don't usually use the words refreshing and antidote, but they're fairly accurate here - the simple production is lovely to hear after so many decades of overproduced, overdone kids' music. This is where it's at. Listening to the songs feels like Bergin and Melissa are right there in the room with you, sitting at the piano together and singing. They invite you into their creative, joyful world. Our son was captivated and we have been listening to it daily. If B & M gave a live concert we'd be in the front row.

Caveat: contains catchy, fun, singable material with some silliness.

Catriona McDonald

SInger Songwriter

Bergin has an amazing ability to take a single line, a simple thought, and/or a common situation and turn it into a song that I am singing within minutes. Her words are relatable and honest, and let me hear my own story and a thousand others in her songs. Watching her sit at the piano and create is an inspiration, and she makes me want to be a better songwriter, and a better performer. Bergin has a gift, and she shares it with amazing presence, love and power.

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